Do you only take your dog out when taking it for a walk? There is a lot you can do with your dog when spending time outdoors. One of the most exciting outdoor events is kayaking with your dog. Taking your dog with you on your kayak will make the day funnier and enjoyable. This is the case, especially if your dog enjoys playing with water.

Dod Kayak Guide

Most dogs, even those that don’t enjoy the thrill that comes with water, will enjoy spending time with you outdoors. However, this does not mean everything will go smooth with you and your dog on the kayak. The first and most crucial thing you will need is a dog’s kayak. Well, not all kayaks are designed to accommodate you and your dog safely. However, this does not mean you cannot use just any kayak with your dog. You need to take extra precautions before hitting the waters.

Here are some tips to keep you and your dog safe in the waters.

Buy a personal floatation device for and your dog

You probably didn’t know, but manufacturers also make personal floatation devices for dogs. It does not matter whether you and your dog can swim safely; getting a buoyancy jacket is highly recommended. There are instances where your dog might jump off the kayak scared. This is where the floatation device comes into play, keeping your dog afloat.

These floatation devices always feature a handle at the back for easy picking of your dog back into the kayak. The handle also helps steer the dog to safety when it is too heavy to lift. I recommend you to read the dog’s kayak reviews article which i found interesting from

Familiarize yourself with the kayak

You need to make sure you and the dog can safely fit on the kayak before hitting the waters. You can find Have the dog sit on the kayak while still on the deck to ensure everything is fine. This is a great time to move the kayak around and see if everything is fine. It is also a great time to see if it is a perfect dog kayak or not. These are things you need to try out at the deck and gain confidence before hitting the waters.

Check to see if a tandem kayak is better than a solo kayak. If you happen to have a big dog breed, then a tandem kayak will be a great option for you. You and your dog need to feel comfortable and ease to have a great time in the waters.

Start with still waters

You don’t want to take your Fido to a fast-moving river on the first day out kayaking. This will likely scare off your Fido and make it jump out of the kayak. Make sure you start with still pond and lake waters. This allows your Fido to get used to the waters before you can hit the rough waters. Just in case your dog jumps out of the waters, it will be easier to paddle in calm waters.

Have a kayaking partner

You don’t want to go out kayaking with your dog when you’re alone. Make sure you have a friend with you in case there is some danger. This means getting a tandem kayak to fit your partner and your even makes the experience funnier. Dogs tend to calm in the presence of people, so taking a friend with you makes sense. Once the dog is acclimatized to water environments, you can go out without a partner. However, for the first time out kayaking with a dog, make sure you have a friend accompanying you.

Remain together

If your friend is your couple, then you need to stick together on the same kayak. This is by far one of the biggest pieces of advice you can take when kayaking as a couple. Most dogs have a tendency of jumping from person to the other is they know you both. Since the dog knows you both, there are high chances of jumping from one kayak to the next. There is no need to put your dog in an anxiety state. Make sure you choose a tandem kayak and keep the whole family together.

Dogs that are trained to take commands can manage to stay on the same kayak without jumping. However, you should never risk that with untrained dogs as chances of them jumping into the waters are pretty high. It is better to go kayaking with a trained dog as it takes commands and will not be distracted by something that catches their eyes.


Well, training your dog to take commands and acclimatize with water conditions is another great way to keep it safe in the waters.  Most dogs are okay in waters, but others get scared in the sight of water. Take time and train your dog to get used to waters. Apart from training your dog to get used to being on a boat, you need to train it to take commands.

One of the most crucial commands for a dog on a boat is on poop. Finding a good place for your dog to poo on the kayak can be pretty challenging. Make sure you carry a bag and have your dog take commands when it comes to poop. You should also learn how to dispose of the poop properly. The poop needs to be buried at least 200 feet away from the water bodies at 6 to 8 inches deep.


Taking your dog with you when kayaking is a great way to enjoy and experience life. Dogs just like us will enjoy a day outdoors where the air is fresher and the temperatures cool.  Taking a break away from your busy schedule to spend time with your family and dog is a great way to bond. You don’t have to leave your dog behind when you can kayak with it safely.

All that you need do is get a suitable dog kayak and take the necessary precautions above.

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