We all like dogs in our home, the dogs that we keep at our home can be due to the security they offer to us, or there are those who use them as their pets. However, some dog breeds are popular while there are others are not well known around the world. Various dog breeds perform different functions; there are those that are used for hunting, providing security among other functions. In this article, we want to look at some of the dog breeds and their many characteristics. Some of the breeds have distinct features.

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Labrador Retriever

This is one of the most popular dog breeds, especially in America. It has a beautiful appearance that attracts most people. It can be of different colors ranging from brown dog breed to black. One of the reasons that make the breed to be popular is its character and attractive color of it. It is one of the breeds that is friendly to both adults and children. The dog can be used as a home pet, but it can also be used for hunting.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier is not quite popular as compared to Labrador retriever; the breed is common in most dog shows because there are majorly used there. The main reasons for why this breed is not well known by most people is due to its fashion and grace that differentiate it from other dogs. Most rich people like this breeds.


This is one of the oldest dog breeds that is liked by some people. The size of the breed is small-sized; it is very calm very loyal and very friendly to both children and other dogs of different breeds. Dogs of this breed are always cheerful and happy and can be good pets for your family. They are very sensitive to scent, and once they pick a given scent, they will follow it without being affected by the other scents. One of the major advantages of this breed is that they easily catch what you are training them because they are obedient and ready to learn any difficulties while you are training them.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Good muscles, magnificent and large dog breed are some of the characteristics of Rhodesian ridgeback breed. Its name comes from the ridge that runs down its back, and the grow of stiff hair opposite direction that runs from rest of the coat. The breed is not such popular, but is known for its trustworthy, intelligent, and dignified and makes a good family pet. It is very protective especially to strangers or different animals that do not belong to the family they are kept. They can also be friendly to children if they are trained along with them, they can also be rude to toddlers and children at sometimes.


These breeds are small in body size, has short crooked legs and also large floppy ears. They are usually of two distinct sizes that are standard and miniature and three types of shorthaired coat, wirehaired and longhaired coats. This breed is very fun loving, playful and curious. They can be friendly to children, but they do not like those who handle them roughly. One of the drawbacks of this breed is that they are hard to train and hence needs sometime if you want them to learn a certain character.


They may look unique regarding its appearance, it’s moody to someone, but this breed has more excellent qualities that many people can like it. Some of the characteristics of boxer include, they are strong and powerful, they are very smart and agile, and through this, they are used as protective dog breed in the family. One of the pleasing things about this breed is the attractiveness of their puppies that are extremely cute and charming in most of their time. The puppies are very friendly with family members and hence are used as a family pet.

These are some of the most popular dog breeds that are well known around the world. Some of these breed are used as family pets while others are used for security purposes. If you are in need of a dog breed it is better for you to understand the characteristic of each breed you need. There also other dog breeds that are available and we have not discussed in this article. You can search for more breeds that are available.

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