Best 4×6 Speakers 2017, Are they Suitable for Pets?

4×6 speakers are a thing now. They can provide you with an amazing audio experience. The catch, however, is getting those of immense quality. Also, you have to worry about its compatibility with your car.

In addition to purchasing quality 4×6 speakers, you need to consider your furry friends. Yes, speakers play a role in how they respond to music. We will get into that shortly. Keep reading!

Where there Any Impressive Speakers in 2017?

Certainly! 2017 was a year which saw several landmark achievements in technology.  Speakers were not left out. These gadgets witnessed substantial transformation compared to what was obtainable in the previous years.

Here are some of the best 4×6 speakers in 2017:

Rockford Fosgate P1462

There are few audio companies with the kind of reputation Rockford Fosgate possesses. The Punch P1462 offers a clarity which is almost unbelievable! It has the typical attributes of a speaker such as a cone, basket, and the necessary surround features. This speaker can be heard over the engine of your car.

Another reason why this speaker is worth mentioning is its cost-effectiveness. Fewer  speakers which match the attributes of this Rockford Fosgate device can boast of being more affordable.

Pioneer TS-A4676R

This is another decent speaker released in 2017. A mica cone with several layers ensures sounds are evenly distributed. If an excellent bass is your thing, this Pioneer speaker could be your best option. Due to the structure of the cone, it delivers a magnificent bass.

With a highly optimized paper tweeter, this speaker offers an improved frequency range. This reduces distortions common with higher volumes.

There are several flaws visible with this speaker. Power handling is one of the notable ones. Forget its high peak power. It has a poor nominal power of 30 watts. This doesn’t cut it for such an expensive speaker.

Polk Audio DB461

The Polk makes this list of the best 4×6 speakers. But it has a much of diverse purpose compared to the others. It can also be used on boats.

Like the Pioneer, it makes use of a mica cone though it uses a modified form of the mineral. This improves the sound quality of the speaker.

Its tweeter is domed and consists of a silk polymer delivering crisp clear sound. To amplify the power handling ability of this speaker, there is a plate heat sink which ensures excess thermal energy is removed.

Drivers could make the difference in speakers and this Polk model has some impressive ones. The neodymium magnet makes this a massive upgrade from stock speakers.

The surround of this speaker is made from butyl rubber which ensures it’s impervious to the toughest situations. So, if you want a speaker which would possibly outlive its usefulness, the Polk could be a worthy choice.

Hertz DCX460.3

There are few speakers with the power handling ability of this Hertz model. With a nominal power of about 80 watts, and a peak of 160 watts, this is one of the best in this segment.

Having a decent tweeter is essential in a speaker. The Hertz DCX460.3 doesn’t disappoint in this area. The tweeter is made of Neodymium. This makes it less cumbersome improving the installation process as well.

A surround influences the quality of sound produced due to the influence of resonance damping. This Hertz speaker uses a surround made from thermoplastic urethane. This material increases the width of the distribution of the sound produced.

The biggest drawback of this speaker is its high cost. If you have a tight budget, this isn’t for you.

Kicker 40CS464

This is the most expensive speaker on this list. But is it worth it? Certainly! It has some great attributes giving it an edge over other models.

A look at the cone might not inspire confidence. They are made from polypropylene – which is actually rudimentary! Contrary to expectations, this ensures the speaker delivers quality sound.

The tweeter which is domed is made from polyethylenimine optimizes the sound produced while amplifying it as well. Having a speaker which comes with a surround is awesome. And if the surround is well-structured, you can only but pinch yourself.

This speaker comes in pairs. While it has an exceptional peak power, the RMS value for each unit falls incredibly short of what is expected of a speaker of this magnitude. Yes, it is miles ahead of what is obtainable with factory speakers, but that is a porous excuse.

Are these Speakers Good for Pets?

While we can enjoy music from this group of speakers, can the same be said of our furry friends? Well, it depends on a lot of factors.

– Volume

The volume of music coming from the speakers can be adjusted accordingly. If the highest level is selected, it could affect your hearing negatively and that of your pet. Your dog and/or cat are more at risk compared to humans due to their increased sensitivity to sounds. You could end up with a deaf pet if you persist with such an action.

– Type of music played

Your choice of a speaker might not affect your pets taste in music. If your pet never liked songs you played in your home, it wouldn’t change them because of your speakers. If you want your pet to enjoy music as much as you do, play what it likes. If you have no idea of what that is, do some research!

– The location of the speakers

Speakers can pose an electrical risk. This is typical of most electronics. Keeping your  speakers in hidden locations is important for the safety of your pets. Your furry friend enjoys exploring and a speaker blasting music would normally be a likely target. This could expose your pet to the danger of an electric shock.


Speakers are great accessories for music lovers. Pets do enjoy music. Speakers can influence their attitude towards music but not their taste. The best 4×6 speakers shouldn’t have any negative repercussions on your pet if the volume is kept in moderation.

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